Nehru Place – Study in Sketches

Nehru Place is the ultimate busy commercial centre in the heart of Delhi, an infinite maze of all kinds of offices ranging from Life Insurance to Banking to IT & software to Hardware to Pirated DVDs, Softwares, Computers…you name it. So, naturally it is a place where you can witness the entire cross section of Delhi-ites at a glance… baically, a ¬†fascinating place to sketch people.

Perhaps the strongest distinguishing factor about nehru place is its Computer Hardware business.




Its a great place to watch different walks in Nehru place, as people are always scurrying about busily…


There really was this guy wearing shades and gold chains and walking like such a stud-peacock it wasn’t possible to capture his character however exaggerrated I tried to make him…























I LOVE this sketch… I just looked at this woman and looked down at my paper and voila…there it was, almost like i had nothing to do with it..

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